4 things that are nice to know when travelling to the Netherlands

In 2018 the Netherlands hosted the Roverway, and scouts from over 40 nationalities traveled to Scheveningen, Zeewolde and other places for the time of their life. One aspect is experiencing the local culture, which for them involved among other things; bitterballen, poffertjes and bicycles, lots of bicycles. Here are some tips and tricks learned from the groups that attended Roverway if you are planning to visit the Netherlands, and know that you are all very welcome!

Travelling by public transport
The Netherlands has a very accessible public transport system that can take you pretty much everywhere. What might be different from other countries is that you never have to buy a ticket in advance. It is certainly possible to do so, however the prices are fixed and it does not matter whether you buy your ticket a month or a minute before departure. Additionally, in every mode of transport the Dutch use their OV-chipkaart, a chip card with credit or a subscription. Click here to learn more about this card.

Bread and spread
A typical Dutch breakfast or lunch involves bread, for example with cheese, chocolate sprinkles or chocolate spread. This might be very different from your country. Although you might be able to arrange these meals for yourself, be sure to check out the supermarket’s long aisles of bread and spreads. If the Dutch are taking care of your meals, be prepared for a few slices of bread every day!

Bicycles, bicycles
The Netherlands has a population of roughly 17 million people, but they together have over 18 million bicycles! There are also plenty of bike lanes, both in and outside of cities, which makes it safe and easy to get anywhere; even the prime minister cycles to his office!
The Dutch learn to cycle from a very young age and, as you might get to experience in Amsterdam, feel very confident about cycling so most don’t bother to wear a helmet.

The Dutch Scout Association Scouting Nederland has labelled quite a few locations as the perfect location for scouts to go camping. While those terrains are open for everyone, they are often managed by scouts and have facilitaties such as firepits or pioneering poles. The low prices make it the perfect place to experience the Netherlands as a scout. Check out where the labelterreinen are here.

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