The dutch and their food

Ever been to the netherlands? If so, you will know one thing for sure… bring your umbrella and raincoat. But when you really stay with the dutch you will learn so much more about them and discover it’s not only windmills, wooden shoes and tulips.

In this blog we will look deeper into how the dutch eat. Why? Because you and your group will stay at the Dutch Jamboree and will experience their “fine cuisine”.

The dutch are a strange and straight to business kind of people, this reflects in their diet and habits when it comes to food and dining. The dutch start their day with a typical bread breakfast. Normally they prepare a quick sandwich consisting of a few slices of bread and a topping. The most typical toppings we have? Cheese, chocolate sprinkles, ham or meat and butter. This is either joined by a glass of milk or coffee and thee. The dutch take about 10 minutes to prepare and eat. Well whats for lunch then you ask? Pretty much the same actually. The dutch like their bread. Of course there are those who like a bowl of yoghurt and cereals (crazy folks) but the majority of the diet for breakfast and lunch?… you guessed it, bread!

If the dutch allow themselves a afternoon snack during their coffee break it’s usually combined with a sweet cookie. Our most famous and most delicious snack / cookie? The “stroopwafel” of course. This is a syrup filled thin waffle that’s absolutely amazing. We will make sure you get to try it during the Dutch Jamboree.

What’s for dinner? There are a variety of menu items that are perhaps typical dutch but thanks to our rich trade history we have mixed our cuisine with all kinds of flavors and dishes from countries all over the world. This has led to a rich variety of different kind of food. But the real typical dutch menu consist of potatoes, cooked vegetables and meat.

At the Dutch Jamboree we will proudly serve you our food and will try to keep in mind to add a few items for your convenience.

Try and spot a few other typical dutch items at the jamboree as well such as, “drop” (licorice), “bitterballen”, “stroopwafels”, “oliebollen”, “ontbijtkoek” en “hagelslag”.

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